Spigthoff Curaçao Law Firm Supports LWF Awareness Campaign

Karel Frielink and his colleagues were one of the earliest supporters of The Laura And Wagner Foundation's campaign to raise awareness about the needs of disabled residents and tourists who reply on guide dogs.

It's taken some time, but thanks to the support of Spigthoff and our other sponsors, our awareness campaign online and offline, and the sight of this tall blonde woman walking with her 'blonde' golden retriever is no longer so shocking to local residents, and as a result more eyes and doors are opening to welcome anyone who relies on a guide or assistance dog.

And this can only help to benefit Curaçao's economy in the long term as word spreads that the island is 'guide/assistance dog friendly' for disabled tourists from around the world.

The Laura And Wagner Foundations new Initiatives will help to improve the mobility of these tourists and residents and also improve their accessibility to computers, the Internet and an array of digital devices to increase their options for communication, education, navigation and organization.

Thanks to supporters like Karel Frielink and his colleagues at Spigthoff, we're getting there 'step by step'.

Please help us thank them for their support by clicking on their website links below anytime you need help with major, complex issues in Amsterdam or Curaçao where problems and conflicts need to be solved. This can cover problems with the tax authorities, but also with a company’s stakeholders or with regulatory authorities. Compared to other corporate attorneys at law, they go to litigation more often.

And be sure to visit Karel's very informative blog on legal and tax matters in the Netherlands Antilles or Aruba.

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