Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
19:00 – 23:00
The Central Bank of The Netherlands Antilles

Produced by Corporate Travel & Event Planners

The Board of Directors of the Laura And Wagner Foundation wishes to thank all the Sponsors, Donors and participants who helped to make our first fundraising event a success. Just over 22,000 NAfl was raised with approximately 50% of that amount  going to the Foundation after event expenses.

Special thanks to The Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, Jose Cijntje, Henk Stomp, Mieke van der Kroef-Brandt, Marianne Kalkman, Juliette Buddingh' and Adrine Basak of Business Serenity, Brenda Altorf of Haai 5, Niels Verheij, Tesha and Lara Yung, Reyna Joe, Jan Bink, Willem Wagner, Meruja Boogard, Germaine Jongloy and Ensemble, Norman Moron, Elodie Voorbraak, Mike May, Daniel Kish, Janice Abbott, Phyllis Hernandez, Anna van Leeuwen, Ricardo Elhage, Jean-Paul Elhage, Ferdinand and Sandra and the staff of Tropical Motors/Gaspump Station Saliña.

We are currently updating our Sponsors section and will post additional thanks to the all the suppliers who contributed to the event.

That’s why we need your help. As a non-profit NGO (Non-GovernmentalOrganization) registered with the KVK
(Chamber of Commerce) in Curaçao and regulated by Government Statutes, The Laura And Wagner Foundation is dependent upon donations from Corporate and Individual Supporters like you.

All tax-deductible proceeds raised go toward the development of the ABLED system.